The Terrace Restaurant

The Terrace restaurant is open 7 days a week.

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Tantalise your taste buds with our seasonal menu at the Terrace.

A selection of food on offer in the Terrace restaurant at ZSL London Zoo

Sustainable, seasonal, local

Just as ZSL’s conservation programme extends beyond the confines of the Zoo, we care that the ethical provenance of our food is sound. This means using fish from sustainable sources, meat from welfare-conscious farms and fruit and vegetables that are in season and sourced as locally as possible.

Our food packaging is made from plants and is composted along with any food waste. We work with Bio collectors in Surrey to break down food and packaging waste into bio fuel. We sort and clear all the waste ourselves on site to ensure it is recycled, you won’t see a single plastic bottle and the rapeseed oil we use is recycled into biodiesel.

Find us

The Terrace Restaurant is situated in Barclay Court, opposite the Amphitheatre and next to the Zoo shop and exit.

Map of ZSL London Zoo highlighting the location of the Terrace Restaurant