Animal Adventure Cafe



The Animal Adventure Cafe is currently closed due to a fire, which broke out in this section of the Zoo in December 2017. During the closure, food and drink can be purchased from the Terrace restaurant and the Aquarium Kiosk

Humans need feeding time too and it is our mission to look after our human visitors as well as our animal residents. Children are natural grazers and need regular snacks and meals to stay on top of their fun and games.

At the Animal Adventure cafe we have everything they need to stay well-hydrated with fresh water and juices and our food is balanced with nutrients to keep them thriving on their exciting day out at the zoo. Find organic snacks, sandwiches and sweet treats at the Adventure café, plus delicious ice creams to keep them sweet.

Indoor and outdoor seating areas. High chairs are available.

Parent power

It’s hard work herding children around a zoo. Fortunately, at the Animal Adventure Café you can sit and relax with a coffee and cake while the kids continue to play. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available.

Find us

Animal Adventure Café is situated by the Animal Adventure children’s zoo – past Tiger Territory and the display lawn.