Fish and Chips

Sometimes only fish and chips will do. Our jaunty Fish & Chip shop in its own cute little takeaway kiosk only cooks two things, fresh fish and perfect chips. We believe if you’re going to do a thing, you might as well do it properly. And we know you care as much about the detail as we do, so we leave the salt and vinegar and sundry sauces for you to perfect your own fish and chip heaven.

Catch of the Day

Fish accounts for about a fifth of all animal protein in the human diet, and some 75 million tonnes are caught each year. However, almost 70 per cent of the world’s major fisheries are currently over-exploited. Sustainable fisheries aim to help ensure that a wild, diverse and healthy ocean ecosystem will exist long into the future. Our fresh fish is caught every day from sustainable waters caught by fisherman who care about their catch.

Fresh-air feasting

There’s nothing like fish and chips in the fresh air. Our cluster of kiosk picnic tables shelter in the shade of a tree and offer the perfect perch for fish and chip feasting.

Find us

Fish & Chips can be found on the way from Animal Adventure to Penguin Beach, by the BUGS building.

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