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From the comfort of your own dens, burrows and nests you’ll get the best of London Zoo. Discover London’s virtual zoo today!


Snacks for London's lemurs

Discover the fascinating comet moth, native to the Madagascan rainforest.


Up close with squirrel monkeys

Everyone likes a cheeky monkey! We’re sure you’ll fall in love with our troop of chatty black-capped squirrel monkeys.


Meet our baby sloth

Elio, one of our sloths, just had his first birthday and he’s simply adorable.


Insider tips from Penguin Beach

Meet the team at Penguin Beach and find out how to tell each of our flippered friends apart.


'Live' with London Zoo's Giraffes

Discover everything you ever wanted to know about giraffes, and see behind the scenes in our zoo kitchen as giraffe ‘afternoon tea’ is prepared. A special recording from Summer 2019 with zookeeper Jess.


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lioness looking off into the distance

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