Macaque (Sulawesi crested)

Scientific name 
Macaca nigra
A macaque at ZSL London Zoo

What they look like

The crested black macaque is completely black aside from a pink, fleshy rump which for the males is heart-shaped – although no more attractive for it. They have distinctive long faces that accommodate a long slender nose and charismatic marmalade coloured eyes which are close set beneath a heavy protruding brow. Their black fur comes to a Mohawk-like crest at the top of the head earning them their name.

Animal facts

They are often referred to as apes because of their extremely short tails. Flipped lips and clenched teeth shows friendship or play while yawning is a threat display. If the crest of the macaque is raised, it means that it is excited.

What they eat

Fruits, seeds, leaves, insects, birds, lizards and frogs


Forest, mangroves and areas of agriculture

Where they live

Sulawesi and Pulau Bacan, Indonesia


Habitat destruction and fragmentation and hunting for food and the pet trade

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Life span
23 years