Ruppell’s griffon vulture

See our beautiful Ruppell's griffon vultures

Latin name: Gyps rueppelli

What they look like: It is a large vulture, recognised by it general plumage of mottled brown and white markings on underbelly. On their head and neck they have white fluff.

Animal facts:

  • Looking for carrion, this vulture is a very high-flyer and holds the record for the greatest flying height recorded for any bird.
  • One collided with an airplane flying at an altitude of 37000 feet.

What they eat: Carrion (animal carcasses), keeping the African countryside clear of carcasses and free from disease.

Habitat: Steep cliff faces.

Where they live: West to East Africa.

Threats: Habitat loss, hunting for trade, persecution and poisoning.

Conservation Status
Critically Endangered