Rodrigues Fruit Bat

Fruit bat eating watermelon in Fruit Bat Forest

What it looks like: Rodrigues Fruit Bats are furry creatures have short and fox-like faces, and our predominantly a dark brown colour, with golden fur on their head, neck and shoulders.

Animal facts:

  • Fruit bats are also known as 'flying foxes' because of their long, dog-like faces. They are not related though - they are 100% bat.
  • They molt once a year.
  • The Rodrigues Fruit Bat has 34 teeth.

What they eat: Fruit (of course) but also flowers pollen and nectar. They feed at night, using their big eyes and super sense of smell to find food.

Habitat: Rodrigues Fruit Bats are found forested areas, and can also be seen roosting in remaining patches of both primary and secondary forest.

Where they live: In the wild these animals are only found on Rodrigues, a tiny island (about 70 times the size of Regent's Park) in the middle of the ocean.

Threats: The devastation of their forest by humans and by cyclones had taken them a hair's breadth from extinction.

Conservation Status