Red-Kneed Spider

Scientific name 
Brachypelma smithi
A Red-kneed Tarantula at ZSL London Zoo.

What they look like: When grown, this spider a dark-coloured body with orange patches on the joints of its legs.

Animal facts:

  • The red-kneed spider is native to two mountain ranges in Mexico.
  • The females can live for up to 30 years but the males tend to only live to around five. 
  • Like other arthropods, the red-kneed spider must shed its skin in order to grow as their exoskeleton can't stretch.
  • These spiders are extremely docile, preferring to avoid conflict with intruders. If harassed, the tarantula will kick urticating hairs at the threat, causing irritation in the eyes and throat.

What they eat: The red-kneed spider is a carnivore and preys on other animals, including insects, small mammals, birds and reptiles.

Where they live: Red-kneed spiders are native to the western faces of the Sierra Madre Occidental and Sierra Madre del Sur mountain ranges in Mexico. 

Habitat: These eight-legged creatures can typically reside in lush tropical forests.

Threats: Exportation and systematic use of pesticides by locals.

Conservation Status
Near Threatened