Red and Yellow Barbet

Red and yellow barbet

What they look like: These kaleidoscopic birds have brilliant black and white speckled wing and tail feathers, a bright yellow breast and red cheeks with a white spot on either side. Males have a black crown whereas the female’s is red.

Animal facts:

  • They dig tunnels into banks and termite mounds.
  • About 40cm in is the nest chamber where four or five eggs are incubated by parents and younger helpers.  
  • Their melodic call sounds like “red and yellow” repeated over and over again.

What they eat: Fruit, seeds, small birds and insects.

Habitat: Dry bush, woodland and scrub.

Where they live: South-east Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda and North-east Tanzania.

Threats: They are sought after for their beautiful feathers and are popular as pets.

Conservation Status
Least Concern