Latest News from ZSL London Zoo

Animal Adventure opens in Summer 2019 at ZSL London Zoo

New Animal Adventure playzone opens at ZSL London Zoo on Wednesday 31 July 2019

Zuzana with her 3D twin and a penguin on Penguin Beach

ZSL Zookeepers immortalised by revolutionary 3D printer technology

Elio the baby sloth at ZSL London Zoo

ZSL London Zoo celebrates birth of adorable baby two-toed sloth

Animal masks selfie at Zoo Nights

ZSL London Zoo’s after-hours adult adventure returns this June 2019

A coati enjoys Easter treats at ZSL London Zoo

'Eggs’ marks the spot as keepers prepared an Easter egg hunt for the animals

A Chinese giant salamander arrives at ZSL London Zoo

Rescued Chinese giant salamanders find new home at ZSL London Zoo.

Mini Keepers at ZSL London Zoo

Kids can join in with Mini Keepers at ZSL London Zoo this Easter from Saturday 6 to Monday 22 April 2019

A northern bald ibis at ZSL London Zoo

Endangered ibis hatched at ZSL London Zoo travelled to Spain in February 2019 and are set for wild release as part of an international...

An x-ray of a big headed turtle

Our veterinary team have shared a selection of amazing x-ray images taken during routine health checks of our 18,000 animals. 

Asim the Sumatran tiger makes his debut at ZSL London Zoo

Critically Endangered Sumatran tiger Asim makes his debut at ZSL London Zoo, arriving from Ree Park Safari in Denmark on 29 January 2019.