ZSL offers supporters chance to become part of iconic Snowdon Aviary

The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) is calling on animal lovers to help renovate ZSL London Zoo’s iconic Snowdon Aviary - offering donors the chance to become an integral part of the historic building’s metamorphosis. 

Snowdon Aviary at ZSL London Zoo
Earlier this year the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) granted an incredible £4.9M for the Aviary to be overhauled by Foster + Partners, but the international conservation charity still needs to raise a further £716k before restoration work can begin. 
The charity is giving donors the opportunity for their names to be immortalised in the structure for a £100 donation, or for their own personal message to become a permanent part of the London skyline for £400. 
Thanks to the support made possible by National Lottery players, ZSL London Zoo is set to transform the historic exhibit into a state-of-the-art walk-through primate enclosure, allowing visitors and schoolchildren to get closer than ever before to its troop of incredible colobus monkeys.
ZSL Fundraising Director, James Wren, said: “Nearing our 190th anniversary, ZSL London Zoo is an iconic location in our capital city, steeped in cultural history and brimming with wonderful architecture. The Snowdon Aviary was Britain’s first-ever walk-though aviary, and has stood proudly on the bank of Regent’s Canal for more than 50 years, allowing our visitors to explore the habitat of the birds and admire them in a free-flying space. 
“We will be able to transform the iconic feature into a modern exhibit with help from our supporters. With £716k needed to complete this exciting renovation we are giving our supporters the opportunity to donate and become part of the incredible transformation of this iconic landmark.”
The new exhibit is set to be turned into a walk-through colobus monkey enclosure, which will give visitors a unique and up-close experience of the stunning primates. The historic exhibit’s transformation will include an innovative community learning space that will put ZSL London Zoo at the heart of the community, engaging 100,000 people, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds - making learning about wildlife accessible to all.
Donations will help to restore the Grade II* listed structure, protect colobus monkeys in the wild, and provide the opportunity to educate thousands of schoolchildren - playing a unique role in bridging the growing divide between people and nature. 
ZSL has £716k left to raise for the project and is offering a variety of donation opportunities. 

Make a donation to Save the Snowdon 


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