ZSL London Zoo takes Oscar gold at BIAZA

Known as the Zoo ‘Oscars’, BIAZA (the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) recognises the incredible achievements made by the zoo community in animal welfare, wildlife conservation, public understanding and horticulture.

ZSL proudly accepted the best conservation award in front of over 150 people, featuring animal experts from the UK and Ireland’s leading zoos and aquariums.

BIAZA previously named the White-naped Mangabey as one of the top ten mammals most reliant on Zoos for survival. The award’s recognition of ZSL’s continued breeding efforts cements ZSL London Zoo’s position at the forefront of breeding these endangered monkeys, as the Zoo boasts the most successful breeding group in Europe.

Mangabey Baby

“White-naped mangabeys are facing a dire situation in the wild, “said mangabey keeper Andrea Dempsey. “With their habitat being destroyed at unprecedented rates and they’re up against daily threats of being hunted. Breeding these endangered animals at ZSL London Zoo is vital to safe-guarding a future for them.”

ZSL’s winning streak didn’t end there; delighted staff went on to collect further awards for their achievements. ZSL’s North Luangwa conservation programme “Lolesha Luangwa” won Best Education Project, while ZSL London Zoo, ZSL Whipsnade Zoo and Chester Zoo shared the award for Significant Advances in Zoo and Wildlife Medcine for their joint work on the International Primate Heart Project (IPHP).

Finally, ZSL’s promotion of Tiger Territory saw it scoop up the award for Best PR Project. It has yet to be confirmed, but it is believed that both Melati and Jae Jae are very happy with this outcome.

Zsl James Godwin - Mangabey baby

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