ZSL London Zoo staff streak for the cats

Staff streak for cats

ZSL London Zoo’s staff showed off their wild sides as they stripped off this morning (Thursday 13 July) to encourage others to sign up for the charity’s Streak for Tigers fundraising event on Thursday 10 August 2017.
With creative use of zoo-themed props, the group posed as nature intended at the Zoo’s Penguin Beach and Tiger Territory exhibits. 
Mischievously using the collective noun for a group of Sumatran tigers, Streak for Tigers is raising money for a cause more serious than its playful name. International conservation charity ZSL is working tirelessly to protect tigers and their habitats around the world, addressing the key threats to the iconic big cats’ survival, including poaching, illegal trading of their parts and human-wildlife conflict. 
Pounce on a place today.

Sign up to Streak for Tigers

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