ZSL keeper featured in exhibition celebrating London’s history

A ZSL keeper is to be featured in a special exhibition by Historic England celebrating London’s heritage and history this summer.

Lucy Hawley by Penguin Pool
Lucy Hawey pictured by ZSL Penguin Pool Copyright: Historic England

ZSL London Zoo senior keeper Lucy Hawley can be seen pictured next one to of the Zoo’s many iconic buildings, the Lubetkin Penguin Pool, as part of the free exhibition I Am London at Central Saint Martins.

Built in 1938 and designed by famous architect Berthold Lubetkin, the Penguin Pool is perhaps the most famous building in the Zoo and is Grade I Listed.

Lucy was chosen as one of 60 Londoners, each with a different story to tell, photographed at a historic building or place special to them.

She joins the likes of Robert Winston, AC Grayling, Sir Paul Nurse and the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, alongside ‘unsung Londoners’ who work at the Royal Opera House, Fuller’s Brewery, Bank of England, The Savoy and the Houses of Parliament.

Speaking about why she loves London, Lucy said in the exhibit: “I like to show people places away from the hustling and bustling city. The real hidden gems that are just so beautiful and well-kept by local authorities.

“I owe London my happiness and my sanity, strangely enough. Some people say being in London can drive you insane but I love every minute of it. I’d never felt truly at home until I lived in London. I feel at home here and want to continue living here for as long as possible.”

The exhibition is part of Historic England’s “Keep it London” campaign which aims to get Londoners to notice, celebrate and speak up for the heritage of their city.

The photography, taken by Historic England’s Chris Redgrave, will be displayed in the Window Galleries at Central Saint Martins, from 11 July to 4 September 2016. 

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