Trick or treat...

Sumatran tigers at ZSL London Zoo got into the Halloween spirit this week (Thursday 28 October) - pouncing onto a mound of creepy pumpkins to join in the autumn festivities. 

While kids all over the country prepare for the spookiest night of the year, Sumatran tigers Asim and Gaysha celebrated Halloween early by following a scent trail to get their paws on some very ghoulish gourds.  
Keepers carved pumpkins for the stripy pair, before laying a trail of scented spices - including cardamom and ginger - so that their powerful noses could lead them to the treats.  
ZSL London Zoo tiger keeper Kate Clark said: “While it would definitely be more of a trick than a treat for us humans, tigers Asim and Gaysha loved sniffing out their spicy trail before playfully pouncing on these spooky squashes.”  
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