Toys for tigers at ZSL London Zoo

Famous moggies including Larry the 10 Downing Street cat who lives with David Cameron, and the former Street Cat named Bob, have joined forces to buy some oversize cat toys for ZSL London Zoo’s tigers.

And even cats whose owners tend to steal their limelight, including the beloved pets of glamour model Lucy Pinder and Father Ted actress Pauline McLynn, have got involved.

The furry-faced fundraisers have donated cat toys and pawtographed photos for an eBay auction – the proceeds of which will be used to buy fantastic giant cat toys for Jae Jae and Melati, the inhabitants of the zoo’s new Tiger Territory exhibit.

Larry’s toy has no doubt seen all the nooks and crannies of Downing Street, making it a great gift for pets with political ambitions, while Bob the Street Cat is probably Britain’s most inspirational puss.

Tiger keeper Teague Stubbington explains: “Tigers love playing with toys as much as domestic cats do and we provide them with lots of enrichment at ZSL London Zoo to encourage their inquisitive natures.

“The fact that some of Britain’s most famous cats have used their feline fame to buy extra toys that will help top up our tigers’ toy box is brilliant.”

Opening on Friday 22 March at ZSL London Zoo, Tiger Territory will be home to the two Sumatran tigers, playful Jae Jae and wily Melati, who love nothing better than rolling around with catnip and getting stuck in to a game of tug of war.

Being auctioned on eBay from today (Monday 4 March), lucky bidders have the chance to get their paws on a signed VIP cat toy from moggies including 10 Downing Street’s cat Larry, who lives with Prime Minister David Cameron, actress Pauline McLynn’s cats Alice and Brenda, model Lucy Pinder’s cat Jackson and author James Bowen’s cat Bob.

Keepers are planning to use the money to treat ZSL London Zoo’s new big cats to a selection of their favourite toys, including boomer balls, bungee ropes and catnip. Search for “ZSL Toys for Tigers” and get bidding now.

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