Time-travelling dinos ‘pop-up’ in Camden

Dinosaur Safari pop-up stand in Camden

ZSL London Zoo opened a pop-up ‘time travel’ agency today (Monday July 17) at London’s Camden Market – advertising its unique safaris to Zoorassic Park - a prehistoric paradise accessible exclusively via daily departures from the Zoo. 

For one morning only, the time-travel agency offered people the chance to meet the Zoorassic Park tour guides, as well as some special creatures brought back to the future for the one-off event; two adorable baby dinosaurs.

Under the watchful eye of the Zoo’s expert dinosaur guides, visitors to the agency got up-close to Tyrone the baby tyrannosaurus rex, and  baby triceratops Tricky, who loved having a tickle under the chin while posing for a selfie.

Flights to Zoorassic Park from ZSL London Zoo will depart daily from Saturday 22 July, landing at terminal three of the Mesozoic era (about 65 million years ago – give or take a few days).  Passengers will travel in ultimate luxury via the Zoorassic Airways time-travel machine - racking up the air miles, the return journey is completely included in the standard Zoo-entry cost. 

Award-winning children’s TV presenter Andy Day will be launching ZSL London Zoo’s Zoorassic Park experience with a weekend of free live shows from 22 to 23 July, and families will be given a passport for their time-travel safari, which will take them on a journey of dino discovery.

Zoo guests can take in the fascinating creatures, as well as learn all about the important work ZSL’s conservationists are doing to help prevent today’s animals from extinction.

With just over a week to go Zoorassic Park at ZSL London Zoo is set to be a claw-some adventure through time. 

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