Monkeys are on the move

In their hunt for the perfect new home, ZSL London Zoo’s troop of colobus monkeys (Colobus guereza) have set their sights on the hottest property in London – the iconic Grade II* listed Snowdon Aviary. 

The primates are set to move in to their new pad in Spring 2020 - once the final £716k is fundraised for the charity’s ambitious project.

James Wren, ZSL Fundraising Director said: “We are calling on our supporters and animal lovers to help save this Grade II* listed building and renovate the Snowdon Aviary into an incredible new home for our troop of colobus monkeys.   

“We will be transforming the iconic feature into a modern exhibit with help from our supporters, but for the modernization to go ahead we still need to raise a final £716k, or lose the opportunity to bring the Aviary back to life and create this incredible space for our colobus monkeys.” 

Youngsters Mandible, Anvil and the rest of the close-knit family are already preparing to move to the swanky new pad, so they can try out all the newest monkey mod-cons, which reflects ZSL’s decades of animal expertise.

Located in the heart of Regent’s Park, the canal-side hang-out will be the perfect new colobus home for the largest troop in the UK, where they’ll swing to new heights while enjoying soaring views over the neighboring Primrose Hill. Visitors will get up close and personal with the troop in the new walkthrough, where they’ll be able to join in the house-warming festivities and see the new residents explore the swish new space for the first time.

The international conservation charity, ZSL, has celebrated the birth of 18 baby colobus over the past 12 years, and keepers can’t wait to welcome a whole new generation of the stunning primates once they’ve settled into the new space. 

Colobus monkeys are born pure white and  stay this way until they are around five months old when they begin to develop their adult colouring; a glossy black coat with a fringe of long white hairs and a large white tuft at the end of the tail. It’s this tail that will give visitors the illusion of flight in the new space, as the colobus glide over head from tree to tree in search of their favourite leafy greens and flowers - shunning bananas, as contrary to popular belief not all monkeys eat the famous yellow fruit.

The historic building’s transformation, led by renowned architects Foster + Partners, will include an innovative learning space that will put ZSL London Zoo at the heart of the community, providing the opportunity to educate thousands more schoolchildren and playing a unique role in bridging the growing divide between people and nature. 

With £716k left to raise for the project, ZSL needs your help to make this incredible new home a reality for our colobus.

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