Meerkats on the move…

Meerkats and porcupines are packing their bags at ZSL London Zoo this week as they prepare to move in together at Animal Adventure – a new nature-inspired adventure playpark opening on Wednesday 31 July.

Meerkats moving house at ZSL London Zoo

To celebrate the big move, keepers treated the soon-to-be housemates to an unusual breakfast delivery this morning (Wednesday 17 July) – a suitcase smorgasbord of crickets and nuts. 

Meerkat brothers Liam and Roo used their foraging skills to dig around in the suitcase for their favourite crickets, while porcupines Lena, Polly and Nancy sniffed out a variety of tasty nuts for their travel-themed treat. 

The fivesome, who will shortly be moving into their new shared home, have spent the past few weeks getting to know each other on special ‘housemate dates’ at the Zoo.

ZSL keeper Rob Harland said: “We’ve spent time carefully introducing everyone to make sure they’ll be good housemates: porcupines are prickly by design but not by nature and everyone has been getting along famously, so it’s now time to get ready for the big move across the Zoo to their new pad.

“Their new home in Animal Adventure has a whole host of creature comforts, including rocky and sandy areas for the porcupines to snuffle around in, and tunnels and basking spots perfect for their meerkat mates, who love to sunbathe and dig – we can’t wait to give them a proper housewarming!”

Porcupines moving home at ZSL London Zoo

The new roomies will be joined in Animal Adventure by more than 40 other furry, feathery and four-legged new neighbours, including mongoose, coatis, llamas and pygmy goats. 

The new children’s zoo will open on Wednesday 31st July – just in time for the summer holidays.  

With 32,000sq ft of space dedicated to inspiring young explorers, Animal Adventure will also feature a secret-garden style playpark, a fun-filled Splash Zone and an open-air amphitheatre for daily talk. 

Get inspired by nature this summer at ZSL London Zoo!  

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