Honey, I shrunk the Zookeeper

Zookeepers at ZSL London Zoo have been immortalised forever, shrunk into six-inch, hyper-realistic, 3D versions of themselves, to mark the return of Mini Keepers.

Created using the latest 3D printing technology, the miniature models even include their brooms and buckets of food.

“I care for our colony of 95 Humboldt penguins every day, and even hand-reared some of the infants so they know me very well; they seemed really curious about the new miniature version of me. I was blown away by how much it looks like me.” said Zuzana.  

Zookeepers stood in a custom-built 360° pod made up of 63 cameras to create one 3D image, which captured incredible details from their hair styles to facial contours – right down to their name tags and buckets of food. The extraordinarily life-like miniatures keepers took seven days to print and were hand painted by My3Dtwin artists.

Gorilla keeper David with his model in Gorilla Kingdom

Gorilla keeper David Waite, who posed for his model carrying a bucket of the popular primates’ lunch said: “Being a zookeeper was a childhood dream of mine, it’s so surreal to see myself as one of the model characters, doing what I always dreamed of; it’s captured a really wonderful moment in my life.”

Created to mark the return of ZSL London Zoo’s popular event, Mini Keepers, the three Zookeeper models will be on display at the event from Saturday 25 to Sunday 2 June, where kids will be able to step into the role of a trainee zookeeper at ZSL London Zoo.

Senior Keeper Zuzana Matyasova, who posed with a penguin soft toy to create the most realistic pose for her 3D twin, showed off her ‘mini-me’ to the Zoo’s waddle of penguins. 

After arriving for work through a secret entrance in the Zoo, new recruits will be kitted out in uniform and given their daily check lists, before being taken on a journey behind the scenes to the heart of the action – in the specially recreated keeper zone, including  the kitchen station, medical station and enrichment station. 

Becoming part of the action, children will help keepers prepare lunch for the squirrel monkeys, create fun activities for the meerkats and experience the biggest job in a keepers’ daily life - mucking out - experiencing a real day in the life of the Zoo’s expert animal team.

A great value day out, Mini Keepers and all extra activities are included in the entry price. Beat the queues at the gate and book tickets online here

Find out more about Mini Keepers

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