Giraffes prepare for Zoo Nights with a veggie treat

Giraffes enjoy veggie treat ahead of Zoo Nights

Our beautiful giraffe trio were treated to their very own street-food style feast ahead of the launch of Zoo Nights this Friday (2 June).

The world’s tallest vegetarians were given treats ahead of the launch of the exciting new evening event, which promises to be the most unique way for grown-ups to celebrate summer in the city this year.

With a huge street-food festival at the heart of the Zoo Nights event, featuring a huge variety of cuisines from around the world, zookeepers wanted to give the animals a taste of the action.

Keepers prepared custom-made giant bamboo skewers with beetroot, cabbage, carrot and parsnip for all-girl giraffe group Ellish, Margaret and Molly to enjoy.

Zookeeper Nick Garrett said: “Our visitors can look forward to a variety of delicious fresh food at tomorrow’s Zoo Nights event, just like the animals here at ZSL London Zoo do every day.

“To celebrate the launch we’re presenting the giraffes with a giant vegetable skewer: they’ll have to use their dextrous, elongated tongues to pull the tasty treats off the bamboo, just like they have to tug vegetation off the tops of trees to eat.”

Zoo Nights runs every Friday evening from 2 June to 14 July and features exclusive tours, animal talks and demonstrations, special entertainment and a street food market. Extra dates have been added due to popular demand. 

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