Giants of the Galápagos - on the move

ZSL London Zoo is bringing the Galápagos Islands to London this summer, as it prepares to open Giants of the Galápagos - a new home for the Zoo’s giant Galápagos tortoises Dolly, Polly and Priscilla. 

Galapagos tortoises Polly, Priscilla and Dolly at ZSL London Zoo
The trio of feisty females will be moving into the swanky new island pad, where they’ll enjoy a choice of two lagoon pools to cool off in, a muddy wallow for self-care spa treatments and a tropical forest to explore. 
From mid-August, people visiting the slow-moving siblings in their new Giants of the Galápagos home will be transported to the famous archipelago, surrounded by the sights and sensations of the pristine, isolated island chain.  
Stroll through the island, while Dolly, Polly and Priscilla roam the forest just feet away, basking in the warmth of the 30-degree tropical atmosphere - the perfect temperature for the 26-year-olds, who have an expected life span of over 100 years. 
Explore the long life cycle of a giant Galápagos tortoise, to discover how tiny hatchlings the size of a hamster eventually grow into the biggest tortoises in the world.  
Discover how these incredible tortoises went from roaming almost every continent on Earth to being marooned on islands 400km from the nearest mainland – and how they evolved to survive. 
Once your Galápagos adventure is over, journey to other far-flung destinations to experience more of the world’s wildlife with Travel the World at ZSL London Zoo – a global tour of discovery for summer staycationers. 
Explore a traditional Indian high street and train station, coming face to face with a pride of Endangered Asiatic lions in Land of the Lions, before journeying to Indonesia to learn more about Critically Endangered Sumatran tigers in Tiger Territory; enter Rainforest Life to be surrounded by South American tamanduas, two-toed sloths and emperor tamarin monkeys, before heading Into Africa to meet giraffes, zebras and the elusive okapi.     
A great value day out, Giants of the Galápagos will be free with Zoo entry: plan your trip now.

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