Feline festive

Sumatran tigers enjoy Christmas-scented ‘candy cane’ treats at ZSL London Zoo.   


Keepers at ZSL London Zoo were inspired to create a festive forest for Sumatran tigers Asim and Gaysha this week, as part of the Zoo’s Christmas celebrations.  
ZSL London Zoo tiger keeper Kate Clark said: “Just like pet cats, both Asim and Gaysha love to seek out and roll around in strong scents, so for Christmas this year we created a scented candy cane forest for them out of giant wooden canes and recycled hessian ‘Santa sacks’ - perfumed with natural seasonal scents such as ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon.” 
But before male Asim had a chance to enjoy the sweet treat, mischievous female Gaysha decided to play the Grinch - clawing at and tearing down the scented festive display in seconds, sending her straight to Santa’s naughty list. 
“It took Gaysha no time at all to reach up and tear down all our hard work – she's this year's Christmas Grinch, for sure! Luckily Asim still had a great time sniffing out each Santa sack, before rubbing himself all over with his favourite festive spices.” 
Visitors to London’s zoo this December will find a new Christmas trail, exploring what each of the animals would like from Santa for Christmas, as well as a Sensory Sweetshop, where they too can visit a forest of candy canes. 
Make Christmas extra special this year, by journeying through the animal kingdom to celebrate the Magic of Christmas at ZSL London Zoo. 

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