Dougie Poynter meets London Zoo’s dragon for launch of 'The Komodo Dragon Experience'

With McFly’s UK tour wrapped, Dougie Poynter visited ZSL London Zoo to launch the charity Zoo’s new Komodo Dragon Experience.   

Heading behind-the-scenes at the Zoo’s Attenborough Komodo Dragon House, Dougie joined zookeeper Joe Capon to help care for 13-year-old dragon, Ganas. 
Dougie watched Joe demonstrate Ganas routine training, before the musician got stuck into keeper duties - learning what it’s like to care for the 54-kg creature. 
Replicating the eating habits of wild Komodo dragons, Ganas is only fed a big meal once a fortnight, so Dougie got stuck in preparing his food. Dougie then placed his meal inside the exhibit, digging holes to hide meat and placing them inside logs, along with a scent trail, for the world’s biggest lizard to follow using his remarkable sense of smell.  
ZSL zookeeper Joe Capon said: “We’re launching our Komodo Dragon Experience today and we’re thrilled to have Dougie here to help us. We’ve treated Ganas to a scent trail and a meaty meal, and Dougie has helped us encourage Ganas to use his razor-sharp teeth and tremendous strength to eat his food, in the same way his species would hunt large prey in the wild.”  
Marking the launch of the Zoo’s exciting new experience, Dougie Poynter said; “It’s incredible to be able to get up close to such an amazing species and get stuck in behind-the-scenes at ZSL London Zoo.  
“Given there are fewer than 1,400 adult dragons left in the world this is a great opportunity to learn more about wildlife and how we can care for them.” 

  • The Komodo Dragon experiences will be available twice per month for £110 per person including Zoo admission.  
  • Tickets are available to book here

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