Dino slumber party at ZSL London Zoo

Dinosaur eye

Young dinosaur fans can experience an overnight adventure like no other at ZSL London Zoo this season, as visitors are given the chance to sleep just a fossil’s throw away from life-size dinosaurs at Summer Sleepovers.

Guests will get special evening access to the prehistoric world of Zoorassic Park, where they will come face-to-face with life-like, moving dinosaurs - from gentle-giant the brachiosaurus to the towering tyrannosaurus rex.

Young time travellers and their families will journey from ZSL London Zoo to the Mesozoic era, where they will join ZSL’s tour guides on a colossal adventure through time. 

Looking out for prehistoric mega-beasts like the triceratops standing guard over its nest and the armour-plated edmontonia - a tank-like dinosaur covered in spikes - along the trail, guests will then bed down for the night among the Zoo’s mini-beasts in the BUGS house.

Lucky visitors can look forward to being woken by the sound of gibbons singing and lions roaring, before being treated to breakfast and a morning tour to see some of the Zoo’s animals before anyone else.

They will then have the rest of the day to explore ZSL London Zoo and see some of the incredible species that are under threat of extinction today, including Sumatran tigers and Asiatic lions.

Summer Sleepovers run each Saturday night from 22 July to 9 September while an extra-special sleepover on Saturday 9 September includes entry to ZSL’s special Movie Nights screening.

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