Celebrate summer in the city at Zoo Nights

Thought a trip to the zoo was just for kids? ZSL London Zoo is set to change your mind this year – with the launch of its brand new Zoo Nights

Zoo Nights creative

With an array of after-hours explorations for night-owls to embark on, live music, and more than 17,000 animals to visit, Zoo Nights will be the most unique way for grown-ups to celebrate summer in the city. 

If you know your tigers from your tapirs, prove it by taking part in Zooniversity Challenge, an interactive quiz show that will test guests on their animal knowledge. Or master your forensic investigation techniques as you help our experts tackle a case of illegal wildlife trade in a whodunit-style crime trail around the Zoo

Find out what animals really get up to after dark in The Birds and the Bees – Uncut, where our expert guides will help you unravel the mysteries of sex in the animal kingdom.  

Embark on a self-guided tour of the Zoo before the sun goes down, where you’ll see the Zoo’s magnificent animals and take in a packed programme of feeds and talks.

Feeding time is not just for the animals at ZSL London Zoo - visitors will love browsing the Zoo’s Street Food Festival, where an array of treats will be on offer from London’s finest food vendors, including Indian nibbles, Mexican snacks and delicious cakes. 

Zoo Nights

As the sun finally sets over the Zoo, set up camp with your fellow explorers to listen to live music on the lawn - providing an idyllic end to what promises to be a unique evening.

A limited number of Zoo Nights tickets are also available for upgrade, giving guests the opportunity to sleep within roaring distance of the lions at the Gir Lion Lodge: nine colourful cabins nestled in the heart of the Zoo.

Tickets are on sale now for Zoo Nights, giving visitors the chance to experience the oldest scientific zoo in the world as day turns into night.

The perfect way to start the weekend, Zoo Nights will run every Friday in June from 6:00pm to 10:00pm with everyone over the age of 18 invited to experience the magic of the Zoo after-hours.  

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