A challenge of ice and fire

ZSL (Zoological Society of London) is encouraging brave challengers to embrace their inner wildling and prowl barefoot across fire and ice, on Thursday 9 November, to help protect wildlife. 

Walk of Fire and Ice at ZSL London Zoo

The Walk of Fire and Ice will see fearless fundraisers tread barefoot across a path of burning coals or opt for an icy trek across broken glass. Challengers can choose to walk just one of these daring paths or can double the challenge and take on both at ZSL London Zoo. 
The fundraising event, led by a team of experts, will see the roar-some challengers guided through a ‘Nothing is Impossible’ seminar to help them break through the fear as they step out into the heart of the Zoo to face what’s on the other side of the wall.
Although participants won’t win a seat on the Iron Throne, they’ll certainly leave with a huge sense of accomplishment, and the knowledge that their feat has helped wildlife around the world. 
ZSL Fundraising Director, James Wren, said “We’re looking forward to welcoming courageous fundraisers to brave the Walk of Fire and Ice this November.
“The ZSL London Zoo’s Walk of Fire and Ice will help us raise vital funds for wildlife around the world fighting for survival, facing threats such as climate change, habitat loss and illegal wildlife trade. All money raised by the brilliant participants will help us to care for and conserve some of the most wonderful and endangered animals across the world.”
Friends and family from across The Seven Kingdoms are encouraged to come along and pledge their support to the fire walkers. While the courageous challengers are preparing their minds and feet, spectators can test their own bravery with a torch lit tour of the Zoo before witnessing the challenge of walking over fire and ice.
The unique and exciting fundraising event will support and raise funds for international conservation charity ZSL’s projects in more than 50 different countries to protect animals and their habitats, and ZSL aims to raise £20,000 to support its essential work to protect the wildlife across the world. 
Fire and Ice walkers and spectator tickets must book by 5pm on 8th November to secure a space. Places are limited, and are being pounced on fast for what promises to be an adrenaline fuelled, firecracker of an evening. 

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