Greater flamingo

Flamingo Chick with parent

Latin name: Phoenicopterus roseus

What they look like: Famous for their pink feathers, the greater flamingo is also recognised by walking on its long two legs and using its extended neck to bob for food.

Animal facts: 

  • Flamingos get their beautiful pink colour from the small animals that they eat.
  • In the Zoo we feed a specially prepared diet that keeps them pink.
  • Flamingos often stand on one leg. One reason is that it keeps the folded leg warm.

What they eat: Insects, shrimp-like animals and tiny plants.

Habitat: Shallow lakes, coastal lagoons and mudflats.

Where they live: Southern Europe, Central Asia, North West India, Southern Africa.

Threats: The main threat is from people destroying their habitat, as they have few predators.

Phoenicopterifor mes
Conservation Status
Least Concern