Golden Orb Weaver

Golden Orb Weaver

Scientific Name:  Nephila edulis

What it looks like: The Golden Orb Weavers vary in colour from red to greenish yellow, along with bright white patches on their head and body and striped legs. There distinctive colourings are a warning sign to potential predators.

Animal facts:

  • Male golden orb weavers can be tiny, with the females being up to 50 times his size.  
  • Hunters in New Guinea used orb spider webs as fishing nets.

What they eat: Feed mainly on flying insects, but have even been seen to catch birds.

Where they live: Tropical forest in Australia and New Guinea.

Habitat: Tropical forest.

Web Style: Orb webs up to a metre across.

About 1 year
One of the largest orb weaving spiders
Tropical Forest
Conservation Status
Not Evaluated