The Secret Life of Reptiles and Amphibians - coming soon!

A cobalt bolt blue lizard sits on a broken tree branch on the left of the image. A baby big-headed turtle sits in an enclosure on the right side of the image.

Get ready to be wowed by the weird and wonderful, as we prepare to bring you The Secret Life of Reptiles and Amphibians.

Representing some of the world’s most astonishing diversity, residents in the new purpose-built space at London Zoo will include the world’s largest amphibian and largest aquatic frog!

Delve into the secretive habits of these remarkable animals as they blend expertly into their environments – hidden in leaves and branches or just beneath the water’s surface. See through the eyes of a scientist as you learn about the surprising ways reptiles and amphibians survive and reproduce in their unusual habitats. Look through X-Rays in the lab, record scientific observations and even learn how to swab a frog to detect diseases.

secret life of reptiles

Follow in the footsteps of conservationists and venture into the field. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open as you listen for the weird and wonderful sounds frogs use to communicate, spot animals among the branches and hop into a canoe to meet a Philippine crocodile. Find out about the exciting – and crucial –conservation work happening around the world to save reptiles and amphibians on the brink of extinction.

The Secret Life of Reptiles and Amphibians is currently under construction in Barclay Court in the centre of London Zoo. Keep an eye on this page to stay tuned to stay up to date and be the first to hear when we’re opening. Our salamanders, lizards and snakes will be expecting you!

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