Emperor Tamarin

An emperor tamarin at ZSL London Zoo

Latin Name
Saguinus imperator

What they look like
The most distinctive feature of the Emperor tamarin is its long white moustache that gives it its name. They have predominantly grey coats with white underbellies and a burnt orange tail. Their fur is fine and silky. Their claws allow them to cling to trees with agility as they leap through the canopy, rarely touching the forest floor.

Animal facts
They spend much of their time grooming each other as this reinforces social bonds. They also communicate with each other by frowning, staring and tongue flicking. They run along tree branches using their hands and feet to grip, and their long tail for balance. Males take an active paternal role carrying and grooming the infants more so than the mother.

What they eat
Tamarins are opportunistic omnivores and have varied diets depending on what is available to them at the time. They can eat anything from tree sap and flowers to frogs, insects and small rodents.

Tree canopy of South American forests

Where they live
South west Amazon basin, in Brazil and Peru

These tamarins are threatened by deforestation. Also, due to the nature of their relatively small size, they have many natural predators including wild cats and dogs, 

Conservation Status
Least Concern (LC)