Emperor Scorpion

Sansa the scorpion

Scientific name:  Pandinus imperator

What it looks like: Emperor scorpions are black in colour and feature a long curved tail and two large pincers. Uner UV light emperor scorpionsfluoresces a greeny blue colour. 

Animal facts: 

  • One of the largest scorpions in the world. Females carry the young on their backs, which are pearly white when born.
  • Distant cousins of spiders.
  • One of largest species of scorpion in the world.

What they eat: Termites.

Where they live: West Africa.

Habitat: Tropical forest and open savannas.

Prey: A wide range of species including insects, lizards and occasionally small mammals.

Average length: 20cm


6-8 years
Up to 20cm
Tropical forest or savannah