Team building and away days

Where else in London could you participate in a team building experience with some of the most beautiful, unusual and rarest animals on the planet? ZSL London Zoo offers a variety of team building activities for all year round, bringing people together on a memorable fun day out. Whether you want a full day challenging your team mates using the Zoo’s facilities or a more focused team building session to break up a meeting or conference, ZSL London Zoo has it all.  We have a number of team building packages available including the ever popular treasure hunt around the Zoo “I’m a delegate get me out of here!” and the “The Ultimate Ice Breaker.”


Team building with the  I’m A Delegate … Get Me Out Of Here!

“I’m a delegate… get me out of here”

Set within 36 acres of zoological gardens at ZSL London Zoo, “I’m a Delegate… Get Me Out Of Here!” includes a range of stimulating challenges. During a half or full day, the team activity can be combined with a business meeting or leading into evening entertainment. Delegates are informed that there is a locked treasure chest hidden in the grounds of ZSL London Zoo. The map for the treasure chest is contained in a locked safe and it’s your task to answer clues and complete challenges. Many clues will involve teams using their grid map and compass to move from one clue or challenge point to another. 




Wild Goose have taken the popular treasure hunt concept and added cutting edge technology using the Smartphone and Tablet revolution to give a more interactive team building experience. The Google Maps interface show where your team is on the map and more crucially, where the other teams are. The GPS technology will track your progress and only allow questions or challenges to be activated when you are in a particular location. No more cheating and plenty of surprises. Earn points for correct answers and receive penalties when wrong. A live scoreboard updates to build competition and excitement throughout the game. We’ll include a huge variety of great clues, questions and trivia that will test the teams, get them working together, and having fun. Photo and video challenges add a creative touch and will be shown during the results session to bring the event to a memorable finale.



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