Cattle egret

Cattle egret

What they look like

Mainly white in colour, the cattle egret is a small heron-like bird that features a dull orange colour to its head, neck, chest and of rear tail feathers. It has a bright beak that changes in colour, starting off a pink/purple colour by the eyes, before changing to dark orange and then yellow at the tip. They also have long, thin legs that help them wade through wetlands and marshlands.

Animal facts

  • The cattle egret gets its name from hanging around herds of cattle.
  • During breeding season, the feathers on their head and back turn an orange/red colour.

What they eat

They live off ticks and flies on cattle.


Wetlands, grasslands and farmlands.

Where they live

Native to Asia, Africa and Europe, this species expanded on a global scale and has now colonised most of the world.

Conservation Status
Least Concern