Caiman lizard

Caiman lizard

What it looks like: The caiman lizard is a colourful creature, featuring a dark orange/red head which blends into a green on the main part of its body and then to a black or brown on its tail.  They are covered in large scales, similar to a crocodile.

Animal facts:

  • Caiman lizards are a large semi-aquatic species, spending most of their time in or near water.
  • The caiman lizard's long flattened, paddle-like tail helps it swim.
  • The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species regulates movement between countries, of the Cayman lizard.
  • They have specialised teeth designed to deal with their food, such as snails. The molars are large and flattened, enabling them to crush shells.

What they eat: Snails, insects and crabs.

Habitat: Rainforest and swamp lands.

Where they live: Northern South America.

Threats: This species was previously hunted for its skin, but since protection was introduced in the 1970s they are no longer thought to be threatened with extinction.

Conservation Status
Least Concern
Average length