One of the more unusual dinosaurs to walk the earth, the brachiosaurus is thought to have existed around 155 to 140 million years ago in forests and floodplains in America. Similar to a giraffe, the brachiosaurus had an extremely long neck and forelegs longer than its hind legs.

The brachiosaurus was first discovered in 1903 in Grand River Valley in western Colorado; with the majority of fossils being unearthed in North America, despite this dinosaur being dissimilar to others that roamed the area. In addition to sites in Colorado, brachiosaurus fossils have also been discovered in Utah, Oklahoma and Wyoming.

The brachiosaurus had thick jawbones and 52 spoon-shaped teeth, perfect for stripping vegetation from branches, suggesting that this dinosaur was a herbivore. According to a 2008 study in the Proceeding of the Royal Society B, brachiosaurus are likely to have eaten up to 400kg of plants a day, such as coniferous trees.

This species is thought to have travelled in large herds, moving on to a new area when they had depleted the food sources.

BRAK-ee-oh-sore- us
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Arm lizard
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