Annam leaf turtle

Scientific name 
Mauremys annamensis
Annam leaf turtle exhibit

What it looks like: Annam leaf turtles have dark heads with three or four yellow stripes down the side, the carapace (upper shell) is dark brown while their plastron (underside of the shell) or orange with black marks on each scute.

Animal facts:

  • Endemic to a small area in central Vietnam.
  • The Annam leaf turtle is in the world's top 25 most endangered turtles.
  • Until recently, the Annam leaf turtle had not been seen in the wild for 65 years.
  • Little is known about this species’ behaviour in the wild due to its rarity.
  • Tend to hide themselves in thick vegetation.

What they eat: Invertebrates, fish and occasionally aquatic vegetation.

Habitat: Wetland areas.

Where they live: The Annam leaf turtle is native to Vietnam.

Threats: Illegally hunted and traded for food and traditional medicine. They are also threatened due to habitat loss and modification.

ZSL's conservation work: We've supported the work of the Asian Turtle Programme, which aims to establish a safe and sustainable future for Asian turtles. One of their priority species is the Annam leaf turtle.

Conservation Status
Critically Endangered