Angelfish (Pearlscale)

Scientific name 
Centropyge vrolikii
Angelfish square image

What it looks like: Angelfish have round bodies and elongated triangular dorsal and anal fins. They are naturally striped longitudinally, with their colouring acting as camouflage.

Animal facts:

  • Pearlscale Angelfish usually occur in harem groups comprised of a single male and several females. 
  • Angelfish breed for life.

What they eat: Small fish and macroinvrtebrates

Where they live: This species is distributed in the Indo-west Pacific region from Christmas Island, Australia, in the west, throughout the Indo-Australian Archipelago, to Vanuatu and the Marshall Islands in the east, and from southern Japan and the island of Taiwan in the north to Lord Howe Island, Australia, in the south.

Habitat: This species lives in lagoons and seaward reefs rich in coral.


Conservation Status
Least Concern