Amazon Giant River Turtle

Amazon river turtle

What they look like: The Giant Amazon river turtle is the largest turtle in South America. They have wide, flat, olive coloured shells and grey bodies. They have prominent snouts that create a streamlined and somewhat pointed face.

Animal facts: 

  • One of the largest freshwater turtles, it nests on exposed sand banks.
  • The babies are carnivorous whereas adults are herbivorous.
  • The sex of the babies is determined by the nest temperature.
  • The eggs are an important source of protein for native Indians. 

What they eat: Roots, fruits, flowers and aquatic plants.

Habitat: Large rivers, lagoons, ponds and flooded forests.

Where they live : Amazon basin and South America.

Threats: Deforestation, overfishing and predators such as jaguars and crocodiles.

Conservation Status
Conservation Dependent