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"The staff were brilliant, the animals accommodating and there is certainly something about lying in bed listening to a lion roar just outside! I can heartily recommend it for the experience" October 2021

"The lodges were clean, cute and comfortable and the hosts (including the animals!) were amazing! Would recommend to anyone looking for a unique zoo experience. Includes dinner, breakfast, 2 tours in the evening after the zoo has closed and another in the morning after breakfast. Loved every second" September 2021

"London Zoo itself is a very nice destination to visit anyway. But having the opportunity of a more private tour)s) in the evening with knowledgeable guides makes it an even more enriching experience. The dinner tasted amazing, all the staff were extremely warm, friendly and smiley and the experience of staying in a lodge was definitely a fun one.
I'd strongly recommend this for families" August 2021

"We booked the overnight experience and would really recommend this! The most amazing time - tours were fantastic and location of lodges (by the lions) just perfect. Felt very safe and all areas were very clean. We just couldn’t believe we were in a Zoo overnight!" August 2020


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Daily Telegraph: "The [ZSL London Zoo] Lion Lodge experience includes a sunset and then torchlight tour after the zoo shuts (with a two-course dinner in between). Guests get to feed animals that are rarely seen in the wild, and observe them up close in an uncrowded setting without feeling rushed. When we interacted with one of the zoo’s notoriously shy pygmy hippos, there was plenty of room for our group of around six couples to stand right next to his enclosure in enthralled silence. I can’t remember how long I stood there admiring his luxuriant brown glazed skin that resembled tempered chocolate, and watching him eat hay with revolted fascination, as a milky spittle formed on both of his mouth."

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The Independent: "The best thing about staying at the zoo is the intimacy with the animals you experience when the crowds have gone, as well as being told insider secrets by the well-informed and endlessly upbeat guides. Off-peak it’s also incredible value for two days at the zoo, two meals, a complimentary drink on arrival, three tours and a night’s accommodation in extraordinary surroundings."

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Financial Times: "Before breakfast, we joined lead keeper Paul Kybett at the edge of the enclosure. As Kybett flung in pieces of chicken and beef, the lionesses emerged and lined up to feed as the early morning light streamed through the trees. It was probably as good a viewing of lions as you could ever hope for. And all before the hordes descended and the soundscape of the zoo changed again with the arrival of flocks of chattering schoolchildren."

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Daily Mail: "As darkness sets in, our senses are suddenly sharpened and the animals wake up. Owls hoot, aardvarks hoover up the ants we feed them, and lumbering porcupines splay white quills. And then there’s a low, ominous rumble, so deep you can feel it in your chest. Yes, the lions are awake."

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