ZSL London Zoo Abseil Event (Terms and Conditions)

By entering the Abseil event you will agree to abide by the Conditions of Entry and all instructions given to you by the organisers of the event and officials of the Zoological Society of London. 
1. Registration - Every participant must agree to the terms and conditions of the event.  We also need to ensure we have contact details for all participants in the case of an emergency. 
2. Refunds - The entry fee for the event is non-transferable and non-refundable. No registration may be re-sold without prior written consent from ZSL.  Due to unexpected health and safety reasons on the day, the event may have to be reduced or altered to accommodate unexpected complications (for example, high winds). You understand that ZSL may have to cancel your booking if a minimum number of participants do not book into the event. If for any reason you do choose to forfeit your place within the event, we ask that you tell ZSL as soon as possible, to allow for another participant to enter in your place. 
3. During the online registration process you will be able to choose a timeslot.  This time slot cannot be given or swapped with other participants. We urge groups of people wishing to abseil together to sign up at the same time in order to achieve the same or similar time slots.  Please note that we are unable to change your time allocation once it has been issued. 
4. Contact details - Participants are personally responsible for updating the organisers with any new address and telephone details. In the case of an emergency, ZSL may use the Emergency Contact details provided by you to contact your home or office. 
5. Age - The minimum age of participants is 18yrs.  You must be this age by the 12th July 2014. Proof of age may be required.  
6. Dropping out - Any participant who drops out before partaking in the abseil must report to an official to prevent any unnecessary search being started. This will also allow for no delays to take place for the remainder of the participants.
7. Sponsorship - The event at ZSL is a fundraising challenge event. Participants are advised that they have a legal responsibility to ensure that all sponsorship monies and donations received for the event are paid to ZSL within a reasonable time. You agree to raise all money using legal methods and complying with any advice given by ZSL.
8. Health and Fitness - All participants should satisfy themselves that they are in good health and physically able to participate in the event.  Participants should consult a GP or hospital doctor prior to the event if they have any concerns. If the abseil Instructors believe that you are not able to take part, their decision will be final. 
9. Clothing – Participants are advised to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the event.  Fancy dress is permitted but please check with the organisers if you are unsure or if you are planning on wearing anything that might obstruct the abseil.  Jewellery is not to be worn and long hair should be tied back.  Once you have registered for the event, further information will be sent out to you before the event take place. 
10. Risks –By taking part in this event, you acknowledge that there may be conditions or circumstances beyond our control that can lead to unforeseen risks.  ZSL will be working with Mile End Climbing Wall who will be responsible for any abseiling activity including the provision of specialist staff and equipment. Mile End Climbing Wall have provided similar services in the past and are experienced in this activity
11. Smoking - ZSL asks that participants and supporters do not smoke during the event. 
12. For the safety of all concerned, participants/spectators do not drink alcohol or take drugs before or during the event. Individuals who appear to be under the influence of either alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to take part in the event or be a spectator and will be asked to leave. 
13. ZSL will endeavour to have a photographer onsite for the duration of the event.  Participants are asked to refrain from using mobile phones during the event.  Supporters are welcome to take pictures on the day of the participants.  
14. Data Protection - Please be aware that by registering you authorise ZSL to process your personal and sensitive data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 for the purposes of this event.  ZSL will endeavour not to use any photographs, images or likenesses of children aged 16 or under.  By ticking the box on our registration form you agree to ZSL using your personal and sensitive data for the purposes outlined above. 
15. Use of Image: by entering the event you give permission for the free use of your name, voice or picture in any broadcast, telecast, advertising, promotion or any other account of this event. Photography, or filming of children without first obtaining consent from the legal guardian is strictly prohibited.
16. It is your responsibility to check prior to purchase that the information you have supplied to us in respect of your registration requirements as a participant is accurate. We are only responsible registering you in accordance with the information you provide.
17. Once purchased neither the date nor Attraction for which your ticket has been purchased may be changed. 
18. ZSL reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse entry into or remove from an Attraction, any person. This includes but is not limited to a person who:- 
i. has behaved in a manner which, in the opinion of ZSL and Earls Court Venue ;
ii. has, or is likely to, adversely affect the event or the safety or enjoyment of other participants and spectators; 
iii. has used threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or in any way provokes 
iv. or behaves in a manner which may provoke a breach of the peace 
v. is or appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
20.   There are no changing facilities.  Participants will be able to store their bags at their own risk and any containers left unattended may be removed for security reasons. All baggage will need to be collected immediately after they have completed the event.  ZSL accepts no responsibility for damage to loss of personal property brought into events.
21.   Disclaimer: I herby apply to participate in this event.  I accept and agree that neither the organisers nor officials, the land owners, sponsors and fellow competitors shall be liable in any way, or in any circumstances, for damages or injury that I may suffer during this event.  I understand and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the event (above) and the rules of the organisers, (below).  I agree to participate in this event at my own risk.  I agree that the conditions of my entry state that I will follow the instructions given.   Your signature on the entry form or your clicking on the box in the on line entry conforms your acceptance of these conditions of entry.  If during the event you are involved in an incident with a third party please ensure that you pass on all your details - it is not the responsibility of the event organisers.