Alice White

Octopi by Alice White

ZSL Artists for Animals: Alice White

Alice White has been working with ZSL London Zoo for the past year creating a new body of work entitled ‘A New Wave: Art and Conservation Science’ which focuses on marine life in all its mystery and complexity.

Her ongoing research is documented through paintings, sketches, and interviews with the zookeepers and conservationists on site at ZSL London Zoo. The knowledge and expertise of these individuals provides a fascinating insight into the passionate approach that their work demands.

"Working at ZSL London Zoo has been a unique opportunity for me to develop my artistic practice within an environment which is bursting with exotic animal life, and enriched by the passion and integrity of the zookeepers and conservationists who work on site.

My year’s project, entitled ‘A New Wave: Art and Conservation Science’ is designed to investigate marine life at ZSL London Zoo Aquarium. I aim to use my artwork to draw attention to rare creatures, especially those which are threatened with extinction in the wild, and are of active concern to conservation teams in the UK.

I have created a new series of oil paintings, ink drawings, photographs and written interviews. My portfolio delves into an underwater landscape proliferated by coral reefs, deep sea sharks, delicate seahorses and multiple species of fish, bringing these fascinating marine species to the canvas surface for all to enjoy.

This explorative process continues beyond the studio. I joined the ZSL Conservation Programmes team on their field expedition of the River Thames, and was delighted to take that opportunity to contribute to the Citizen Science Programme at ZSL.

I ensure that my work has a lasting positive impact. A percentage of artwork sales are donated to Project Fish Net, a programme at the Zoological Society of London which protects 27 species of endangered freshwater fish."

You can currently see Alice White's artwork displayed in the ZSL London Zoo aquarium.