#WithWildlife - Seahorses

A world with seahorses

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Keeping seahorses in our seas

Around 15-20 million seahorses are illegally traded every year, and with other threats such as overfishing and exploitation, their future is seriously threatened. 

Research by ZSL has shown they are overfished by trawlers and fishers, while their habitats are polluted and destroyed. However our research continues to provide a scientific basis for changing regulations on seahorse harvesting, and setting up marine protected areas to protect seahorse habitats.

We work with the UK Border Agency CITES team at Heathrow to monitor the trade in marine organisms, such as seahorses, coming into the UK, and research by Project Seahorse, a ZSL and University of British Columbia partnership, has also helped make the case for banning exports of vulnerable species further afield.

With Wildlife campaign image Coral Seahorse