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Protecting black rhinos in Kenya

Illegal demand for the rhino horn is perhaps the most immediate threat to all species of rhinoceros. In Africa, the black rhino is critically endangered, having suffered a catastrophic 96% decline from 65,000 in 1970 to just 2,300 in 1993.

In response, the Kenyan government established the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), which has created a number of fenced sanctuaries to protect the rhino. 
ZSL has been working with KWS since 1993 to protect species such as black rhino and elephant, to build conservation capacity and infrastructure, and to help it achieve its goal of increasing the number of black rhinos in Kenya to 1,000 by 2020.

ZSL are improving law enforcement and ecological monitoring effectiveness with various partners across Kenya through use of new technologies to tackle illegal wildlife trade including a spatial monitoring tool known as SMART and Instant Detect a camera trap system that uses satellite technology. It allows images to be sent in real-time from virtually anywhere in the world and has been used to help tackle poaching of endangered species by providing an early warning system for rangers.

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