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Protecting African forest elephants

Elephant populations all over the world are being targeted for their ivory, and research suggests that the African forest elephant will be driven to extinction unless a concerted global effort is made to halt poaching, with over 65% now gone from the wild. 

ZSL has been working with the government of Cameroon to improve protection of key forest elephant habitats such as the Dja conservation complex by training and equipping eco-guards. This helps to tackle illegal wildlife activity in the region and empowers local communities to help fight wildlife crime in their forests.

We are also helping to build capacity in another key elephant habitat - West Africa's W-Arli-Pendjari conservation complex. The region is home to more than 60% of the elephants in West Africa, and we will be helping to combat the ivory trade through the spatial monitoring system SMART and innovative 'poachercams'. 

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