First International Xenartha Conference

For animal keepers and researchers only - a two day event at ZSL London Zoo covering aspects of keeper husbandry, training nutrition health care and conservation in action and enclosure design and environmental conditions. 

This workshop is designed for keepers caring for xenarthra pangolins and aardvark or for those who wish to learn about animals in captivity and organisations protecting them in the wild. Key aspects will cover a range of husbandry techniques including housing mixed species exhibits and diet of species and also training methods for transportation and health checking including pregnancy check. Conservational projects include the pygmy sloth and giant armadillo. 

Experts from the UK and Europe will be delivering presentations covering these titles with plans for demonstrations and tours of ZSL’s collection including live training. Sponsors have been contacted to include presentations of zoo diets available covering detailed nutritional research.

Over the two days delegates will be in the educational lecture theatre for presentations and also visit appropriate areas of the zoo for demonstrations and discussions.