Zoo Rules

Please adhere to the following rules when visiting the zoo

  • Do not distress the animals by shouting, leaping about, tapping on the glass
  • Do not feed the animals
  • Do not climb over barriers
  • CHILDREN must be supervised at all times

N.B. ZSL reserves the right to evict any visitor that breaks these rules.

Hazard, risks and controls

Animals - risk of being bitten or scratched


  • Warning signs on enclosures
  • Safety barriers in place where necessary
  • Feeding of animals is prohibited

Contact with animals, risk of disease (zoonotic)

A zoonotic disease is any infectious disease that can be transmitted between animals to humans. Visitors are at greater risk if they are pregnant or if their immune system is not functioning properly. ZSL has a duty of care to ensure that these risks are minimised and have implemented the control measures (below)

  • Regular faecal screening for ALL animals
  • Excellent standards of animal husbandry
  • Animals vaccinated and constantly monitored
  • Rigorous pest control programme and monitoring in place
  • Balai quarantine standards for new animal arrivals
  • All Keeping staff are trained in best practice for section management. 
    In addition, we adhere to strict visitor hygiene rules issued by HSE and DEFRA which include:
  • Hand-cleansing facilities (alcohol foam and soap/hot water) available in Animal Adventure, Clore Rainforest and Education Centre (ZSL London Zoo)
  • Hand-cleansing facilities provided in Children’s Farm and In With The Lemurs
  • Water in Splash Zone play area is chlorinated (ZSL London Zoo)
  • Warning and advisory signs displayed
  • Feeding the animals is prohibited
  • If soap is unavailable in dispenser please make a member of ZSL staff aware, and use another available facility.

In the unlikely event that you DO become unwell after a visit to ZSL, please seek medical advice


General public - child welfare risk


  • Lost Children's Post based at the Clock Tower (ZSL London Zoo), Estates Office (ZSL Whipsnade Zoo). First Aid Posts also at both of these locations.
  • Staff trained in procedures in dealing with lost children
  • Children should be supervised at all times.

Swings, climbing frames in children's play areas - risk of injury from falling


  • Waterpour Safety Surface BS EN 1176 (ZSL London Zoo).
  • Bark chips
  • Supervision notices displayed around children’s play areas
  • All London Zoo play equipment is for children ages between 3 and 11 years.
  • Supervision in accordance with the recommended ratio is an expectation.

Free roaming animals – risk of bites and scratches


  • Information notice boards about not feeding, touching, chasing animals

Animals being walked round the site


  • Trained keepers leading the animal walks
  • Animals walked calmly and quietly
  • Animals trained and continuously monitored by staff
  • No animal / visitor contact whilst walking
A llama at ZSL London Zoo

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