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ZSL Patrons are at the very heart of our Society.  We are delighted to share here some of their experiences about what it's like to be a Patron of the Zoological Society of London.


Amanda, Mark, Charlie and Emily
"We first became Friends of ZSL over 10 years ago when, with a young, fractious baby, ZSL London Zoo became a lifeline.  We visited most weeks, whatever the weather, and while baby Charlie was fascinated by the animals I had a chance to catch up with fellow new mums. When Emily came along two years later, she quickly became as enthralled as we were.  Having spent so much time at the zoo and getting to know the lovely staff, we came to realise that London Zoo and Whipsnade are only a small part of ZSL.  The conservation, research and education programmes are world class.  By becoming Patrons we are able to support this important work, and safeguard the legacy for our children.  The special events such as the BUGS exhibit Sleepover, the Christmas Party, Sunset Safaris and lectures have been both fabulous fun and great learning experiences.  My personal favourite remains the tour of the veterinary hospital and a demonstration of how to anaesthetise a fish - you'll have to become a Patron to see how its done!"
Amanda, Charlie and Emily, Patrons 2016 

Jason and Irene
"For us, at first, joining ZSL as a patron was purely about supporting an organisation that itself supports something we care deeply about: Animals.  ZSL London Zoo and Whipsnade are simply the tips of an iceberg of an organisation, one that supports research, field work and conservation around the globe.  To do that needs a lot of financial support and being a patron is a wonderful way to contribute.  Since we have joined, through specialists talks, events and behind-the-scenes access provided by Patronage, we have discovered all the more just how valuable our contribution is, and seen first-hand its positive effects.  For this reason alone we will continue our patronage, but we were pleasantly surprised to see what an effort the charity and their Patron team go to in order to provide us with special access to so many unique, interesting things we'd never normally see - and as such Patronage becomes more than just a vehicle for donation but also a genuinely worthwhile investment."
Irene and Jason, ZSL Patrons

Being a ZSL Patron is intrinsic to my own values and beliefs about the elemental significance of the natural world.  A healthy world encompassing sustainable biological diversity and natural resources is essential to our existence.  Nature is not an adjunct to humanity; we are part of nature and our future is wholly reliant on it.

We all have a responsibility to act now "to promote and achieve the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats".  I have children, Lucas and Eva.  The delight that they take from London and Whipsnade Zoo and being in nature is immense.

ZSL is at the forefront of worldwide conservation and I feel privileged to be able to contribute to these efforts.  Tangible and positive results are being achieved by ZSL's projects.  Let's continue to support our champions of the natural world.

Duncan Grossart, ZSL Patron


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