Legacy pledges

Find out why some of our supporters have included a gift in their Will to ZSL

A pygmy hippo at ZSL London Zoo

My legacy gift to ZSL

By Barbara Read

'My love of animals and wildlife goes back to childhood and although I have many interests, my favourite day out is visiting London Zoo. It’s such a pleasure being amongst animals; they are endlessly fascinating to watch and so loveable. Some people are critical of zoos but I think that reflects a limited understanding of what’s really involved in the overall work and aims of zoos. All the people who work in the ZSL Zoos are passionately committed and love animals and the animal enclosures are created with the needs and well-being of the animals a paramount concern. The money raised from the ZSL Zoos also helps fund the vital conservation work that ZSL does worldwide.'

'I regularly ask friends and family to adopt an animal from London Zoo as gifts for me and so far I’ve received a cheetah, a gorilla, an otter and an owl. Not many people realise that ZSL is reliant on donations; ZSL is not government funded and needs all the support it can get. So it’s nice to know that the cost of each adoption goes into a general pool to help fund all of ZSL’s work.'

'I have included a gift to ZSL in my Will because animals are among the earth’s most precious resources and I want to give something back for the happiness I get from seeing and being among animals. All of ZSL’s work plays an important part in the care, protection and conservation of animals, so I have decided to leave a share of the value of my property to ZSL as a whole.'

'I’d really encourage other supporters to include a gift to ZSL in their Wills because there aren’t huge numbers of wildlife organisations and ZSL represents excellence in the field of wildlife conservation. I believe that it’s vitally important to protect animals and the environment and that wildlife needs continuing support. I think this is the single biggest issue facing us today.'

My legacy gift to ZSL Whipsnade & London Zoos & ZSL Conservation Programmes

By Renée Kern

Mjukuu the gorilla at ZSL London Zoo.‘I first visited London Zoo as a student in the 1960s when I was studying at the Ealing School of Art. I used to love visiting the Zoo twice a week to draw the animals. At that time I was able to get into the Zoo for free with my student pass and when my student days were over I decided to become a ZSL Fellow so that I could continue to visit as often as I wanted and I’m still a Fellow today.’

‘I have since moved out of London to Northamptonshire, but although I no longer live close by I still visit the Zoo about once a year. I have always loved animals and I believe that wildlife and nature need as much support as they can get. It saddens me to think that so many animal species are disappearing. ‘

‘Conservation is something I feel passionate about so I have made provision for ZSL in my Will. I have left a share of my estate to support Whipsnade Zoo, London Zoo and ZSL Conservation Programmes. Leaving a gift in my Will is my way of helping ZSL to conserve animals and their environments, both here and abroad, for many years to come.’

My legacy gift to ZSL

By Margaret Booth

A llama at ZSL London Zoo‘As a young child I was brought up in Maida Vale and I have early, happy memories of visits to London Zoo. I particularly remember the elephants, the camels and the llamas. I loved animals and birds then and I still do. Later, in 1982, I became a ZSL Fellow and my continuing involvement with the Zoo has given me enormous interest and pleasure.’

‘Leaving a legacy gift to a charity is a very personal decision. Everyone will have a special reason for supporting a favourite cause in this way. I have decided to leave a gift to ZSL in my Will partly because of the happy times I have enjoyed at London Zoo, but also because I believe that the Society’s conservation work is incredibly important. I think that it is a disaster that so many animal species have already been lost and that so many more are now critically endangered. I strongly believe that we have a responsibility towards animals and their survival and that we should do all we can to save them from extinction. By leaving a legacy gift to ZSL I feel I will be playing my part in their future.’


My legacy gift to Sumatran tiger conservation

By Michael Watts

‘I support ZSL through a desire to promote wildlife conservation. I am particularly concerned about large mammals in South Asia, especially the critically endangered Sumatran tiger.’

‘ZSL are working to conserve this species through its Sumatran tiger conservation project in Indonesia and through zoo breeding programmes. Given the ever-increasing human population pressure on tigers in Indonesia, I see a ‘zoo bank’ as being the best method of helping to achieve this.’ Asim the Sumatran tiger makes his debut at ZSL London Zoo

‘I have supported ZSL by adopting Sumatran tigers and I have also decided to leave a share of my estate to ZSL for Sumatran tiger conservation because I would like to see the Sumatran tiger survive long into the future.’

‘Animals have been a source of much of the greatest pleasure in my life and I would like my children and grandchildren to be able to share in that pleasure too. I would encourage others to make a Will for their own sake and to include ZSL in it for the sake of the future of the world we live in.’


My legacy gift to ZSL


‘Since moving to London when I was thirty I’ve had many different jobs, including a short spell at London Zoo. I worked at the Zoo twice in the summer seasons of 1969 and 1975 as a retail sales supervisor. I’m pleased London Zoo has improved since then and particularly that the bigger animals have now moved to Whipsnade Zoo.’

‘I’ve been a vegetarian since 1964 because I think it’s healthier and because I’m so fond of animals. I’m now a Friend of ZSL because I feel strongly about conservation and I think it’s sad that many animal species are disappearing.’

‘When I last updated my Will my solicitor asked if I had thought about leaving a gift to a charity. We discussed charities in general and I felt I would like to leave a gift to ZSL.’

‘Based on what I know, I think leaving a gift to a charity is a good thing and I’d encourage others to do it too, but everybody’s different and it’s a very personal decision.'

My legacy gift to the Institute of Zoology


'I grew up in London and my father was a policeman at Albany Street station; very close to London Zoo. So I visited the Zoo a lot as a child and we would often go for family days out there.'

'As an adult I worked in Primrose Hill and over the years I have used the Zoo as a place of retreat and therapy during difficult times in my personal life; I saw the Zoo as a place of escape.'

'I’m now a Lifetime Fellow and visit the Zoo as often as I can. I’m very fond of London Zoo and I’ve brought many friends here and I’ve also gotten to know many of the staff.'

'When I wrote my Will I felt that my friends were OK and no one else I knew was in more need than ZSL. So I made a bequest to ZSL for the Institute of Zoology for the purposes of research and conservation.'

'I included ZSL in my Will for personal and practical reasons. Firstly, in appreciation of a lifetime of pleasure derived from visits with friends and friendships made at the two Zoos, secondly for my conviction that the Society’s representatives have the expertise and dedication so needed in research and conservation.'

Our legacy gift to ZSL for International Zoo Programmes (IZP)

By Pat & Fred Allen

Lucifer the lion at ZSL London Zoo.‘Our interest in ZSL is mainly through it’s International Zoo Programmes because we are concerned about zoos in war zones, in particular Kabul Zoo in Afghanistan.’

‘In the past, we have supported Kabul Zoo through donations to ZSL’s International Zoo Programmes. However, not long after the Iraq war had started Kabul Zoo was decimated.’

‘We decided then that our estate would be divided between ZSL and SPANA (Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad) in our Will. Hopefully, at some point in the future, ZSL may be able to become involved again with Kabul Zoo, which is where we would like our gift to go. But, if Kabul Zoo isn’t resurrected, we are happy for our gift to go to ZSL's International Zoo Programmes, preferably towards their work in the Middle East.’

‘We feel that there are far too many charities in the UK, some of them very well supported. Few charities support animals and zoos in war zones, where a lot of the owners have either died or moved away or have no means left to support their animals. With our gift to ZSL’s International Zoo Programmes and to SPANA we feel we will be doing our part to help support these animals long into the future.’

Keep your love of animals alive: remember ZSL in your Will