Sophie Allport - Animals of the Savannah

Animals of the Savannah

We’re excited to collaborate with nature-lover and homeware designer Sophie Allport on a special ZSL collection.

Zebra collection in Sophie Allport range

Animals of the Savannah is a stunning collection inspired by African wildlife and our work to protect it.

Teeming with wildlife, the African savannah is home to some of the world’s most iconic species.

Sophie Allport has chosen to celebrate these amazing animals in her ZSL collection, featuring the African elephant, cheetah and, new for 2020, the zebra collection. 

The collection includes kitchenware and homeware to bags and accessories that capture these animals' striking beauty. Most importantly, the collection supports our work to create a world where wildlife thrives.

Extending across thousands of square miles, the African savannah is a crucial habitat to some of the largest remaining numbers of Africa’s animals. 

African wildlife faces serious threats across their ranges, causing their numbers to fall rapidly in many parts of Africa. Habitat loss and fragmentation, and conflict with people are affecting iconic species. Elephants are targeted by poachers for their tusks and cheetahs for their skins and as pets, which enter the illegal wildlife trade.

At ZSL we’re working to tackle these threats and protect African wildlife across priority landscapes by:

  • Engaging local communities in conservation and encouraging sustainable use of resources
  • Fostering relationships with the private sector to encourage environmentally-friendly practices
  • Training rangers, providing equipment and technical support 
  • Working with local wildlife authorities to improve law enforcement and patrols

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One African elephant dies every 15 minutes due to poaching for its tusks

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Standing cheetah in Tanzania

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The African savannah is home to the cheetah, the world’s fastest animal on land.

An Adult Cheetah and it's young, taken during the Institute of Zoology's ongoing Cheetah Conservation Program.

Whilst males live in groups in the wild, females live on their own. They raise their cubs by themselves, and roam across large areas to find their prey while keeping their cubs safe from lions and spotted hyenas. Unlike lions and tigers, cheetahs don’t roar - instead they purr and chirrup to one another.  

These beautiful animals are challenged by loss of habitat and prey, conflict with people and illegal trade in pets and skins.

At ZSL we’re working for wildlife around the world, helping to protect and create a future for animals like the cheetah.

But we can’t do it without your help.

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    The African savannah is home to the world’s largest remaining population of African elephants.

    African elephant in Kenya

    Savannah elephants are the largest subspecies of elephant. They live in matriarchal groups led by an experienced female and are very protective of their young. On the savannahs, elephants feed on tree sprouts and shrubs, which helps to keep the plains open and able to support the many other species that live in the ecosystem.

    However, African elephants face serious threats, causing their numbers to fall rapidly in many parts of Africa. Conflict with people, and loss and fragmentation of habitat are significant issues for the survival of this species. Elephants are also heavily targeted by poachers for their tusks; it is estimated that one elephant is killed every 25 minutes for the illegal wildlife trade.

    At ZSL we’re working for wildlife around the world, helping to protect and create a future for animals like the African elephant.

    But we can’t do it without your help.

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    There are less than 2,000 Grévy's zebras left in the world, and the survival of this iconic species hangs in the balance. By supporting our newest collaboration with Sophie Allport you are helping continue our work around the globe - creating a world where wildlife thrives.

    Launched on International Zebra Day (31 January 2020), we are collaborating with Sophie Allport on a brand new zebra collection. The latest collection will help raise funds for our international conservation work, supporting our vital work creating a world where wildlife thrives.

    Flaylay of two place settings adorned with eucalyptus leaves and zebra-patterned homewares

    The zebra collection includes a range of products from kitchenware and homewares to bags and accessories, with the design celebrating the Endangered Grévy's zebra and its incredible famed stripes, which we have worked with for over 120 years. Capturing the beauty in the Endangered Grévy's zebras which stand proud and tall, designs are printed on a navy charcoal background on the new homewares.

    argor with zebra-patterned potholders and trays

    Patterned with the zebra’s distinctive black and white stripes, these incredible animals feature upright manes and large ears. The new range features a variety of kitchen essentials including oven gloves, tea towels, hob covers and mugs. Also available are cushions, folding shopping bags, placemats and a sleep mask.

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    Visit our Grévy’s zebras at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

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